Knowing Your Life Purpose

and Fulfilling it Every Day

What if I told you that every single day of your life, beginning today, can be a triumphant manifestation of you at your best?

Of you performing at a glorious level of energy, enthusiasm, competence, commitment, passion? That you could finish today flush with the appreciation of how much effort you put in, that you had given all you could and accomplished as much as you possibly could, and with a cheerful, can-do attitude? Would it matter, if you had a day like that, if every response to you was a no, if you made no visible progress toward your goals? Or would you take pride in your commitment, your caring, your attention to the important things no matter how small, recognizing that in every ‘no’ you learned something you can apply tomorrow, and knowing that in the long run you will not fail? That in some meaningful way you brought joy today to one person? Or three? Or a thousand?

On this site, Do the True You:

Becoming Your True Self

The original article, and link to sign up for the series

A guide to perpetual learning that will maximize your growth while keeping you focused on your priorities

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Articles to help you learn and grow.
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A compendium of ideas for that one thing you focus on today.


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The 3 Steps to Success book and associated materials

The 2 Spare Minutes Academy, filled with educational articles covering a variety of topics including finance, health & fitness, and success


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Engage with others following a similar path to creating a life of abundance and fulfillment.

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