Have you completed the 5-Day series ‘Becoming Your True Self’?

Are you eager to begin, but feel that you need additional guidance and support to achieve your goals?
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The Becoming Your True Self Series is designed as a complete, standalone and completely free solution to changing your life through prioritization and positive focus. But the reality is that we all need support, guidance, and constant reminders to help us achieve our goals. To assist in your journey we provide several tools on this and our associated sites:

On this site, Do the True You:

Do the True You

True Yourself

The original Becoming Your True Self article and series

Never Stop Learning

A guide to perpetual learning that will maximize your growth while keeping you focused on your priorities

Blogs & Articles

Blog articles available only on this site


A store of motivational items and reminders, to help keep you on track

On the 2 Spare Minutes Site:


Motivational and inspirational articles and quotes


Community, for discussion and open forums

Success Book

The 3 Steps to Success book and associated materials


The 2 Spare Minutes Academy, filled with educational articles covering a variety of topics including finance, health & fitness, and success


Motivational quotes, articles, photos, and stories from our community members

Join The Conversation

hHand fulfillment in their lives, quickly and efficiently.

Motivational quotes, articles, photos, and stories from our community members

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