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One of the biggest challenges to your success, in whatever way you choose to define it, is focusing on the right goals and tasks, and prioritizing your activities every day.

The Becoming Your True Self 5-Day Program is your primary tool toward reaching success; IT IS IMPERATIVE TO YOUR SUCCESS  that you first plan your daily development using the tools in this program, and THAT YOUR PRIMARY FOCUS EACH DAY IS ON ATTAINING YOUR PRIORITY GOAL.

Whatever else you accomplish today, you want to complete today’s task toward your primary goal. And if you have the opportunity to make extra progress take advantage of it! The rule in life is to get as much out of it as you can, so the sooner you can reach your goals the better.

But you also want a steady flow of new information, new ideas, and ways to motivate yourself. This is an important part of your overall growth.

We recommend that you spend 15-30 minutes each day, when you have the time to do so, reading a new book or learning something new. Make it a consistent part of your morning or evening ritual – but one that is secondary to your priority goal. We have created a comprehensive list of books, articles, and other information and products to help you maximize your growth and learning.

Of course if your current priority goal is one of learning then you will spend far more time on it than a few minutes per day. Otherwise, a small but steady flow will keep you in the mindset of regularly acquiring and applying new information.

Your physical health is vitally important toward reaching your goals as well. You should have regular planned physical activities that will give you strength, endurance, mobility, and balance, and a diet that will keep you healthy. For more information on developing and maintaining your physical health, check out Fitness 101 on the 2 Spare Minutes website.

Before moving into recommendations I want to reiterate that your absolute focus needs to be on reaching your primary goal, with your secondary focus being on maintaining the environment that enables you to reach that goal in the best and quickest way possible while keeping up with necessary obligations.

Do not worry about those educational emails stacking up in your inbox, the articles you have bookmarked, the books piling up on your end table. Those are supplementary things – but they are dangerous in that they can distract you from your primary goal. 

And so it is the same with these recommendations: use them, learn and grow from them, when you have the bandwidth to do so. And set them aside for later when you do not.

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